Top Medical Universities in Pakistan

Top Medical Universities in Pakistan

One of the most respected careers in the world is medicine. In Pakistan, healthcare is a popular choice. Every year, a large number of medical schools in Pakistan take applications from thousands of students. And thousands of students come here every year to follow careers as doctors. Thousands of doctors are qualified every year from Pakistan. However, we present you to the top medical universities in Pakistan in this article.

Top 7 Medical Universities in Pakistan

In Pakistan, there are several medical Universities, but in this post. We’ll focus on the best ones that have been approved by the Health Education Commission (HEC). There are the top 7 HEC-accredited medical Universities in Pakistan. Medical school is another name for medical colleges in Pakistan. So, don’t hesitate when applying to medical schools.
Every detail is carefully researched and accurate. So, you can trust this study. Please comment if this post gives you any trouble with your ideas. As a result, we maintain our standards and deliver high-quality texts to our students. These are the top medical Universities in Pakistan under below:

Aga Khan University

Aga khan University started as a college of health sciences. As the country of Pakistan’s first private university, this institution started in 1983. The Aga Khan Development Network’s Aga Khan University is a nonprofit organization. It is one of the top medical Universities in Pakistan.
The European Association of Medical Education, AMEE, has given the ASPIRE-to-Excellence 2022 award to the Aga Khan University College of Medicine for Curriculum Development.
The institution recently launched programs in early childhood development, journalism, and teacher education.

King Edward Medical University

In Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, there is a public medical school called King Edward Medical University (KEMU). The name of this institution is Edward and established in 1860. It was earlier known as Lahore Medical College, was renamed King Edward Medical College in 1911. Then reverted to its original name in 2006.
After Pakistan’s independence, the university became the only medical school in the state, and in 2005 granted its charter to award degrees. This is at 4th number in South Asia.

University of Health Sciences, Lahore

The fourth medical college in South Asia, King Edward Medical College established in 1860 in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It was first known as Lahore Medical College, renamed King Edward Medical College in 1911. It’s also a top medical university in Pakistan.
It started in the year 2002. It is a renowned institution throughout the world. This organization has relationships with about 87 universities. It also administers the entrance exam for medical and dental colleges (MDCAT). The University of Health Sciences placed second in HEC’s 2012 Health Sciences rankings. The goal of UHS is to transform health sciences in both a qualitative and quantitative way. A college dedicated to producing top-notch research and instruction.

Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi

Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) is a public medical university in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. DUH Started in 1945 by the then-Governor of Sindh, Sir Hugh Dow. It is one of the top medical universities in Pakistan.
The Dow College of Medicine and the Dow International College of Medicine are two undergraduate research institutions for health sciences that make up the university. The university’s highly efficient post-graduate research department manages many basic medical and clinical science programs at DUHS.

What percentage is required for Dow DPT?

It required 60% marks for DPT admission. It means anybody can participate in this university if he gets 60% or plus marks. It’s not a challenging task for newcomers.

Isra University, Hyderabad

A private institution of higher learning with its headquarters in Hyderabad, Sindh, Isra University founded in 1997. Candidates for bachelor’s and master’s degrees must take the Isra University appearance test. The residents of Gudu, Jomsulu, Badin, and Latif Abad have easy access to the national highway. Because it is nearby and only 5 km from the city center.

This is one of the top medical universities in Pakistan. The Higher Education Commission has decided on its acknowledgment (HEC). Everyone applying can find out all they need to know about IUH. The Higher education Commission has decided on its admission (HEC).

Everyone applying can find out all they need to know about Isla University Hyderabad’s last date for admission. Its requirements, entrance, exam, merit list, fee schedule, application form, online application, and program specifics are here. Degree programs in BS Nursing, MBBS, BDS, DHCA, MPH, DPT, BBA, FCPS, MCPS, BSCS, BS (SE), BS (TC), BSIT, MBA, MS, MPhil, and Ph in AD.D are available.

Zia-ud-Din University, Karachi

Ziauddin founded the Faculty of Nursing in 1986. This university is one of the top medical colleges in Pakistan. When Ziauddin University became famous for the first time. Dr. Ziauddin Post Graduate Medical Sciences Institute started in 1373. The following year, classes began at the Geodon Medical School and a clinic built in the area. The name of the college was changed to Geodon College in 2005.

Khyber Medical University, Peshawar

Which is now known as Peshawar Medical School University. Governor General of Pakistan Ghulam Muhammad founded Khyber Medical College in 1954. It was a great effort and now it is the most famous medical university in Peshawar.
Due to this, medical education in Pakistan has got a lot of development. However, some colleges and universities also offer distance learning opportunities and online courses. There are also details about these remote learning and online degree programs. Most of the information presented is for general applications. It also introduced a Mayo Hospital when it dismissed the Anarkali Dispensary. It has a great team of teachers to educate students in a good and reliable manner.

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